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2023-24 EFL Carabao Cup: Live Stream, Key Dates, Odds and Predictions

Carabao Cup

The eagerly awaited 2023-24 EFL Carabao Cup is just on the horizon, with the much-anticipated clash set to ignite the excitement on August 7, 2023. We have picked up some hot news about the new season of the EFL Cup including its odds and predictions. So stay connected to know all the updates of the 2023-24 EFL Carabao Cup.

In the upcoming football season, the highly anticipated 2023-24 EFL Carabao Cup is set to kick off, marking the 64th edition of this prestigious tournament. This exhilarating competition opens its doors to all the clubs competing in the renowned Premier League and the esteemed English Football League. As the heart of the English league pyramid, the EFL Carabao Cup holds a special place in the world of football, with its coveted silverware being among the most sought-after trophies in the sport. When it comes to the Carabao Cup, Liverpool stands proudly at the top, having claimed the prestigious title an impressive nine times. Their record puts them just ahead of Manchester City, who has won it eight times, making it a thrilling rivalry between the two football giants. However, the current title holders are their arch-rivals, Manchester United, who have lifted the trophy six times. With the presence of these solid contenders, the upcoming Carabao Cup promises to be a captivating battle of skill, determination, and adventurous moves on the field.



2023-24 EFL Carabao Cup – How it works?

The EFL Cup for the 2023-24 seasons will feature a total of 92 clubs from both the Premier League and the English Football League. Here’s how the teams will enter the competition in different rounds:

1) First round (72 clubs) – A total of 36 games will be played.

  • 24 clubs from EFL League Two
  • 24 clubs from EFL League One
  • 24 clubs from EFL Championship

2) Second round (50 clubs) – A total of 24 games will be played.

  • 12 Premier League clubs (not involved in European competition)
  • 36 winners from first round

3) Third round (32 clubs) – A total of 16 games will be played.

  • 8 Premier League clubs (involved in European competition)
  • 24 winners from second round

4) Fourth round (16 clubs) – A total of 8 games will be played.

  • No clubs enter the fourth round
  • 16 winners from third round

In the exhilarating journey of the Carabao Cup, the Quarterfinals will be graced by eight victorious teams emerging triumphant from the intense battles of the fourth round. As the competition progresses, the Semi-finals will see the four best teams from the Quarterfinals. In both the Quarterfinals and Semi-finals, a total of four thrilling encounters will take place. The Semi-finals will be particularly captivating as they unfold over two legs, offering teams a chance to showcase their skills on both their home ground and the opponent’s turf.

Finally, the much-anticipated climax will be the Finals, featuring the two victorious teams from the Semi-finals. In a single, adrenaline-pumping encounter, these exceptional teams will battle it out on the grand stage to claim the coveted Carabao Cup title.

2023-24 EFL Carabao Cup – Key Dates



First round

w/c 7 August 2023

Second round

w/c 28 August 2023

Third round

w/c 25 September 2023

Fourth round

w/c 30 October 2023


w/c 18 December 2023


w/c 8 January 2024 & w/c 21 January 2024


25 February 2024

Where to watch 2023-24 EFL Carabao Cup?

ESPN+ has got the streaming details of EFL Carabao Cup in the United States.

Sky Sports is the exclusive broadcaster of Carabao Cup in the United Kingdom.

DAZN holds the streaming rights to broadcast EFL Carabao Cup in Canada.

The Carabao Cup broadcaster for fans in Australia is beIN Sports.

England EFL Cup Outright Odds

The outright odds for all the teams to win the England EFL Cup title this season is derived from the site and mentioned below:

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace will go head-to-head with Manchester United in the third round of the Carabao Cup. The third round of the Carabao Cup will feature top Premier League teams entering the field. Manchester United heads into this season as the defending champions, where they have beaten Newcastle in the finals last season. In addition, they have entered the field with the advantage of having won the competition five times. The Manchester club has been altering with wins and losses in recent times, where they have ended its prior game in a 0-1 loss over Burnley. Forwards like Bruno Fernandes and Rashford add another layer of hope to the team. Hence, the defending champions are urged to deliver one such performance as they have shown in the prior seasons.

Crystal Palace, on the other hand, heads into this clash after a scoreless draw against Fulham, where the Palace squad had 51% possessions, and three of their seven shots were on target. The Crystal Palace team holds the home team advantage entering this clash. Carabao Cup is not a new field for the Crystal team, where they have already featured themselves in the finals of the 2016 season, but they lost that game against Manchester United with a 2-1 score. Hence, this clash is going to be enthralling up until the very end to witness both teams fighting to prove their pride. Although the Crystal team is held with home team advantage, the Manchester United club holds a better dominancy in their previous clashes. Thus, the Manchester team stands a better chance of winning this matchup.

Liverpool vs Leicester City

Leicester City and Liverpool teams will square off in the Carabao Cup’s third round on September 27, 2023, at Anfield. The Liverpool club will host this battle, where the team stands unbeaten in the Premier League from the start of this new season. This seems to be an impressive start for the Liverpool team in the EPL, and they hold the second spot in the EPL Standings. When it comes to the EFL Cup, the Liverpool team is no stranger, they have won the EFL Cup on most occasions with nine victories. Hence, with the remorse and aggression of not entering the Champions League this season, Jürgen Klopp’s men are eagerly awaiting to pose a big battle against Leicester City.

Leicester City, on the other hand, enters this game after a 1-0 win over Bristol City, where Jamie Vardy scored a lonely goal for the team. The Leicester team is performing admirably in the Championships, where they currently hold the first spot with 21 points. Leicester City is really working to the core to get a better finish this season, but the thing is that they have not defeated a significantly stronger opposition in this cup game. So, the Leicester team needs to exert much effort, if they want to stay in the game. The Liverpool team, on the other side, is carrying brilliant undefeated streaks and fantastic home games. Hence, the Liverpool side has got a better chance of winning this matchup with at least two goals against Leicester City.

Chelsea vs Brighton

On September 27, 2023, the teams from Brighton and Chelsea square off in the third round of the Carabao Cup. The venue for this contest is Stamford Bridge, the home field of the Chelsea squad. As a result, the Chelsea team will have the advantage of playing at home in this encounter. They ended their prior clash with a 0-1 loss against Aston Villa, where Chelsea has maintained 53% possessions, and four of their ten shots were on target. The Chelsea team gave an average start to the season but their recent results do not seem hopeful. The last three clashes of the Chelsea club have all ended scoreless. Hence, the Chelsea team needs to pay keen attention to both ends of the field to get their matter to work. The Chelsea side has won the EFL Cup five times, where the last victory coming in the 2014-15 season.

The Brighton side, on the other hand, heads into this clash after a 3-1 EPL win over Bournemouth, where Milos Kerkez scored once and Kaoru Mitoma scored twice. The Brighton team gave a decent start to the season in the Premier League, where they are placed in the top third with 15 points, three points less than the first-placed Man City. The Brighton club is enjoying good actions on both ends of the field, and they have made only a single loss in the Premier League from the start of the season. Therefore, the recent form of Brighton’s side looks much better than the Chelsea team. Thus, the Brighton team holds a better chance of winning this battle and moving further in the Championships.

Brentford vs Arsenal

Brentford and Arsenal teams will square off in the third round of the EFL Cup on September 27, 2023, at Gtech Community Stadium. Two times in history, the Arsenal team has won the EFL championship; those victories occurred in the 1986–1987 and 1992–1993 seasons. It has been a long time since the Arsenal club made it to the finals of the EFL Club. Mikel Arteta will be looking to make some alterations to the team after a terrifying derby clash against Tottenham. The recent form of the Arsenal team is quite impressive, where they are enjoying a ten-game unbeaten record. The Arsenal club has maintained a good dominancy over the Brentford team in their prior clashes, and they hold a better chance of continuing the same trend in this matchup.

The Brentford team, on the other hand, currently holds the 13th spot in the EPL Standings with six points. The Brentford side has ended its prior game with a 1-3 loss Everton, where Mathias Jensen was the only player to score for the Brentford team. Brentford have never maintained a clean sheet in their last five matchups. In addition, the Brentford team will be missing out on players like Thomas Partey, Jurrien Timber, Gabriel Martinelli, and Tossard. This might cause the Gunners to struggle a bit in this matchup. Hence, the Brentford team is projected to give an awful performance on their defensive end, leaving Arsenal to score and win this matchup.

Newcastle United vs Manchester City

On September 27, 2023, Manchester City and Newcastle United teams will go head to head in the third round of the EFL Cup. The Newcastle United heads into this clash after a stunning 0-8 win over Sheffield United, where the Newcastle team has extended its unbeaten record to three games. The Newcastle team finished second in the previous season’s Carabao Cup, where they fell to Manchester United in the championship game. Eddie Howe will, therefore, make numerous changes this time around to make his team a combative foe. However, aside from their previous clash, Newcastle’s score was too low in other matches, thus the squad needs to take a closer look at their offensive strategies.

Manchester City, on the contrary, heads into this battle after a 2-0 win over Nottm Forest, where Phil Foden and Erling Haaland scored each one goal. Rodri will be marked absent for this matchup since he got suspended following a straight red card in the prior matchup over Nottingham. But, Guardiola is believed to turn out things on their side since the Manchester Club is no stranger to this dramatic field. Manchester City has won the Carabao Cup eight times in its history and the last victory came in the 2020-21 season. Their recent form is also pretty impressive to try such a performance this season. Even if there may be a few missing, the outcome of the game will not be affected, and Manchester City will likely edge over Newcastle by a small margin.


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