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2023 FIFA Club World Cup – Semifinals: Streaming Details, Stats, Odds and Predictions

2023 FIFA Club World Cup

The 2023 FIFA Club World Cup has already started to create a stunning wave among Football enthusiasts, and as the season nears its end, the thrill of the game is reaching its peak. So, we have gathered some enthralling match facts for the forthcoming Club World Cup Semi-Finals, with their odds, stats, and predictions.



The current season signifies the 20th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup, organized by the FIFA International Club Football Tournament. The FIFA Club World Cup was first held in 2000 in Brazil. From 2001-04, the tournament has not been held, but from 2005, the competition has been conducted regularly. This tournament will include winners from the six continental confederations, along with the host nation’s league champions. The host nation for this season is Saudi Arabia; this season began on December 12, 2023, and will end on December 22, 2023. This season would be the last to show caste seven-team Club World Cup, where it will be get changed to 32 teams in the 2025 Club World Cup season.

This season has started the journey with the seven teams including six continental champions,

  • Manchester City – Winners of the 2022–23 UEFA Champions League
  • Fluminense FC – Winners of the 2023 Copa Libertadores
  • Urawa Red Diamonds – Winners of the 2022 AFC Champions League
  • Al Ahly FC – Winners of the 2022 – 23 CAF Champions League
  • Club León – Winners of the 2023 CONCACAF Champions League
  • Auckland City FC – Winners of the 2023 OFC Champions League
  • Al-Ittihad Club (Jeddah) – Winners of the 2022–23 Saudi Pro League (Host)

2023 FIFA Club World Cup Semifinals – Schedule

There are currently just four teams in the Club World Cup Semifinals from the original seven teams this season. Auckland City lost against the host team Al-Ittihad and got eliminated in the first round. The León and Al-Ittihad lost the game in the prior round of the Club World Cup 2023. Hence, the remaining four teams are reaching out to the semi-finals of this season. The Schedule of the 2023 Club World Cup semifinals is given below:

Fluminense FC vs. Al Ahly FC

  • Date: December 18, 2023 (Monday)
  • Venue: King Abdullah Sports City, Saudi Arabia

Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Manchester City

  • Date: December 19, 2023 (Tuesday)
  • Venue: King Abdullah Sports City, Saudi Arabia

Where to Watch the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup Semifinals?

The 2023 FIFA Club World Cup Semifinals will be streamed in FIFA’s streaming service FIFA+ around many parts of the world.

Football fans in the United Kingdom can tune on to TNT Sports.


Fluminense FC vs. Al Ahly FC

The Al Ahly team will be up against Fluminense FC in the Semifinals of the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup. The Fluminense team is heading to the Club World Cup tournament for the first time in their history. The Fluminense club has ended its prior game with a 2-3 loss against Gremio in the Serie A of Brazil. The recent form of Fluminense is seen altering with wins and losses in recent games. The defensive form of the Fluminense team needs to be altered a bit if they want to reach the finals of this season. The Al Ahly, on the other hand, heads into this clash after a stunning 3-1 win over the host team Al-Ittihad Club, where Ali Maâloul, Hussein Al Shallal, and Emam Ashour goals for the club. This stage is not new for the team since Al-Ittihad has already played about eight times in the tournament. So, the Al-Ittihad club would be more advantageous than the Fluminense, heading into this matchup with better experience in the competition. Also, these teams have never met before, so it could be quite challenging for both teams to deal with. I think Al Ahly, with a much better current record and prior experience, will likely win this battle with at least two goals.

Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Manchester City

Manchester City will be up against Urawa Red Diamonds in the semi-final matchup of the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup. Manchester City heads into the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup after winning the 2022–23 UEFA Champions League. They are nothing less than hot and tough rivals, where they currently hold a decent place in the EPL Standings. The very recent matchup of Manchester City has ended with a 2-2 draw over Crystal Palace in EPL. The Manchester City side is currently maintaining a three-game winning streak, in all competitions. The Manchester side has been in the tournament two times before but they have never been to finals yet. So, Manchester City will be making more efforts to put them in the finals for the season. The Urawa Red Diamond, on the flip side, heads into this battle after a 0-1 win over the Leon team, where Alex Schalk netted the lone goal for Urawa Reds. The Reds are securing quite decent form on either side of the field, which is impressive. Also, they have been dominant in their prior appearance in the FIFA Club World Cup. The Red team has a good streak of winning records, and their offensive moves are another advantage. Therefore, the Urawa Reds will be looking to score well in this matchup against the Manchester team. But still, Manchester City looks to hold much prominent squad and young talents. So, the Manchester team stands a better chance of winning this matchup with at least two goals. To get even more exciting details about your favorite football teams, visit our website.


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