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NHL Predictions, Live Stream and Odds 2022 – 23


NHL 2022 - 2023

The National Hockey League (NHL) is set to play its 106th season in 2022–2023. From September 24 until October 8, 2022’s NHL preseason will take place. 180 exhibition games will be played over the course of that 15-day period, beginning with the Battle between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs.

In order to defend their Stanley Cup victory over the Lightning, the Avalanche set their season’s goals. On the other hand, each squad is focused on the hockey world championship, as it is every year. There are many potential Cup contenders due to the significant amount of movement this season.



NHL Outright Odds

The top clubs with the best possibilities of bringing home the Cup this year are mentioned below along with the overall odds for all NHL teams to win the Stanley Cup in 2023.


How to Live Stream 2022-23 NHL?

ESPN+ exclusively streams NHL 2022-23 in The United States.

Sportsnet is the official broadcasters of NHL in Canada.

Premier Sports has the official rights to broadcast NHL in UK.

The NHL can be viewed on ESPN by German hockey lovers.

Hockey’s top players will congregate in Florida for the traditional 3-on-3 divisional competition over All-Star weekend. While 3-on-3 play in the recently modified All-Star format has added some excitement to the game itself, the skills competition is often where most of the fun happens. For the skills competition, things usually get a bit silly, but in the nicest manner feasible. The skills competition will also feature traditional contests like the fastest skater, hardest shot, breakaway challenge, and precision shooting. As a result, a very intriguing competition is waiting to satisfy the eyes of hockey fans.


Pacific vs. Central

After losing in the first game a year ago, the Pacific Division is trying to establish a name for itself in this tournament. Notably, they have two of the top players in the world, although neither contributed to the outcome of the previous game. Some of the key players from the Pacific Division who competed in the prior year’s event aren’t even there this time around. Nevertheless, the Pacific Division has several great players who will likely put up a tough fight against their opponent in this match. Connor McDavid, one of the leading scorers in the NHL over the last six years, is on the squad. In the end, nobody can dispute McDavid’s talent. The Calgary Flames’ acquisition of Kadri this summer is the biggest addition to the roster for the Pacific division. The Pacific Division also has the most All-Star experience out of the four. Therefore, the club from the Pacific Division has a better chance of winning this game.

On the other side, the Central Division came out on top during the 2021 All-Star weekend going into this game. They will now attempt to repeat that performance in this match despite losing several of their key players. With players like Roman Josi, Nathan MacKinnon, and Jason Robertson, the Central Division still hopes to put up a fight. The finest defensive player in the league is certainly Josi. He has significantly scored goals over the years. Fourth-time participant Nathan MacKinnon hopes to demonstrate why he is one of the top playmakers in the competition. Hence a terrific struggle is anticipated between the two reliable opponents, and the Pacific Division has therefore got a better chance of winning this match.

Atlantic vs. Metropolitan

The Atlantic Division enters this competition with high expectations for a strong showing. The top NHL forwards are found in the Atlantic Division. They include the exciting and effective players David Pastrnak and Nikita Kucherov. The Florida Panthers’ Matthew Tkachuk is another deserving All-Star candidate who has made a lot of progress during his first campaign. Every member of the Atlantic Division squad has the potential to make a genuine difference, making them appear to be one of the stronger teams this season. Incredible skill may be seen in even the weaker teams’ dynamic players. For their adversaries, this can be quite problematic. Jack Hughes has a chance to leave his stamp on this contest. Since Atlantic has the most talented squad out of the four teams, it is crucial that this team will be the one that deserves to be at the finals.

The Metropolitan division, on the other hand, is represented in this match by both established and rising talents. Since the Metropolitan Division has been rated as the weakest squad among the four divisions, they will be making a strong effort to perform better in this encounter. The Metropolitan Division can still give its opponents a tough fight with a lot of effort, though. Ovechkin plays in his seventh All-Star Game, while Crosby makes his sixth comeback. It is always a joy to witness two of the greatest players to have ever donned a uniform for All-Star Weekend. After his outstanding performance from the previous year, Jack Hughes will be the center of attention. If Hughes repeats his performance from last year, The Metropolitan will feel more certain.


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