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2020 NBA Playoffs Predictions and Odds

The action is all set to get intense, with the NBA playoffs going underway this Monday. With an incredible start to the playoff rounds, the teams are looking for an early lead and their eyes are focused on the big prize.

Denver Nuggets overcame 57 points from Donovan Mitchell to beat the Utah Jazz, while Kawhi Leonard helped Los Angeles Clippers get past Dallas Mavericks in the NBA playoffs. The Mavericks led by 5 points early in the third quarter before big man Kristaps Porzingis was ejected following his second technical foul of the game. The Clippers immediately responded with a 9-2 run.

The Raptors dominated early and led by as many as 33 points in the second quarter only to have the lead shrink to 9 points entering the fourth quarter. For the Celtics, Jayson Tatum scored a playoff-career-high 32 points, whilst Jaylen Brown added 29 and Boston beat Philadelphia in the opener of their first-round playoff series.


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The Game 5 fixtures of Wednesday night were postponed after the police shooting of Jacob Blake and hopefully the NBA has planned to reschedule those games to Friday. With preparations still in progress, the Game 6 will be resumed to play as per schedule and the postponed fixtures will follow as planned.

Jazz VS Nuggets

After successfully leading the series 3-2 despite losing their last game, the Utah Jazz have a opportune moment to close out the series by defeating Nuggets in Game 6. But the Denver Nuggets have climbed their way up in this series through brilliant performances from Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic, thereby holding on to their chances of playing Game 7.

If Gary Harris could return back for this game, then the Nuggets have a reason to be back and to try and even the series, without having to walk back home. With just one win standing in their way from reaching to Round 2, the Jazz will hope to bring back their lost momentum and advance further.

Mavericks VS Clippers

Despite their slow start to the playoffs, the Clippers bounced back and they now have the Mavericks on the edge of elimination. They were full of energy and kept pushing the Mavs back, thereby scoring points and draining the energy out of their opponents. With Luka Doncic’s injury and missed opportunities in the last game, there worries are rooted deeper now.

But the LA Clippers are confident about this game as they’ve got their momentum back and a healthy bench filled with talents. Lead by Kawhi Leonard in the front, their game looks absolutely stunning and they will try to overwhelm the Mavs in another game.

Magic VS Bucks

Although the Milwaukee Bucks have taken a 3-1 series lead, they decided to sit out Game 5 in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake. The rescheduled game will take will hopefully take place on Friday after the postponement of Wednesday’s Rockets-Thunder game and Lakers–Trail Blazers game following Bucks’ decision.

The Bucks are confident of pulling off another one after winning 3 games in a row but their decision has earned a lot of respect. Giannis was awarded the Defensive Player of the Year and it has boosted their chances, a department where the Orlando Magic have suffered so far against them.

Thunder VS Rockets

Losing back to back games has not seemed to bother the Houston Rockets as they look to take this battle to a series of 7 games. With both teams tied 2-2, Game 5 will surely shake their roots harder as Russell Westbrook is yet to return to the bench and Chris Paul and his men are favored by the momentum that they’ve created in the bubble.

The series now perfectly balanced 2-2, the Rockets should try and bounce back into this game with their sharp attacking skills. The bench strength of the Rockets seemed evident in their last game although they lost it in the end, and the OKC Thunder will hope to prove that they are knees deep in this business once again.

Trail Blazers VS Lakers

Followed by the Bucks’ strike, Wednesday night’s Game 5 between LA Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers was officially postponed. Despite a scary loss in Game 1, the Lakers woke up and rattled off three straight wins against the Portland Trail Blazers and LeBron James and his men have this rescheduled match completely on their side.

But they need a lot more production from the rest of the squad, as the Trail Blazers are now well aware of their weaknesses in the court. Since losing this game will force them out of the competition, the Portlanders will be sure to hinder the movements of Davis, Kuzma and Green to hopefully still have a chance.

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