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FIFA World Cup 2022: Venues of Qatar

FIFA World Cup 2022 Venues of Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will commence on November 20 in Qatar and conclude on December 18. 32 teams will play, and 64 matches will be held at 8 magnificent venues across five Qatar cities for the 22nd edition. Al Bayt Stadium, Lusail Iconic Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Education City Stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al Janoub Stadium, and Stadium 974 are the designated locations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Each stadium is 55 kilometres or less from Doha, Qatar’s capital. All stadiums were built over the past three years with the FIFA World Cup in mind, except Khalifa International Stadium. The Global Sustainability Assessment System has given them all a 5-star grade, and they all feature cutting-edge climate control systems to regulate the temperature in the arid Middle Eastern landscape. Learn all there is to know about each FIFA World Cup 2022 venue.

Al Bayt Stadium (Al Khor)

Al Bayt Stadium

The opening ceremony for the World Cup will be held at the Al Bayt Stadium, with a floor area greater than 30 football pitches. It will host its first game on November 20 between Qatar and Ecuador. The Bayt al Sha’ar, the traditional tents used by Qatar’s nomadic people, is replicated in this stadium, which is the country’s second-largest structure after Lusail. Its creative construction evocates the flowing cloth used to construct these traditional homes.

Matches: 9 (5 Group Matches incl. Opening, Quarter-Final and Semi-Final)

Capacity: 60,000

Lusail Iconic Stadium (Lusail)

Lusail Iconic Stadium

On December 18, the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s final match will occur at Lusail Iconic Stadium. The stadium will be the most significant and busiest facility in Qatar. The stadium’s size and design promise a magnificent spectacle. The Lusail Stadium’s façade and design represent the ornate decorative motifs found on bowls and other items like vessels created during the Arab and Islamic world’s Great Era of Art and Craftsmanship.

Matches: 10 (5 Group Matches incl. Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final)

Capacity: 80,000

Khalifa International Stadium (Al Rayyan)

Khalifa International Stadium

The 1976-built Khalifa International Stadium has played home to several competitions, including the Asian Games and Arabian Gulf Cup. Due to its two arches, it is also regarded as the National Stadium and is easily recognized.

Matches: 8 (5 Group Matches incl. a Match for Third Place)

Capacity: 40,000

Al Thumama Stadium (Doha)

Al Thumama Stadium

The Gahfiya, a traditional woven hat worn by men and male children throughout the Middle East as a statement of independence and decency, served as the design inspiration for Al Thumama Stadium.

Matches: 8 (5 Group Matches incl. a Quarter-Final)

Capacity: 40,000

Education City Stadium (Al Rayyan)

Education City Stadium

The 2022 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal stage will be held at Education City Stadium, also known as Qatar Foundation Stadium. This stadium combines stunning modernism with the illustrious tradition of Islamic architecture. The concept is clear from its façade, which has a geometric form.

Matches: 8 (5 Group Matches incl. a Quarter-Final)

Capacity: 40,000

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Al Rayyan)

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

The original stadium that had existed there was replaced by this one, which was constructed particularly for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Sand dunes’ undulations are reflected in the stadium’s façade, perched on the brink of a desert.

Matches: 7 (5 Group Matches)

Capacity: 40,000

Al Janoub Stadium (Al Wakrah)

Al JanAl Janoub Stadiumoub Stadium

It is a football stadium with a retractable roof. The modern Al Janoub Stadium was inspired by the sails of Qatar’s historic dhow boats.

Matches: 7 (5 Group Matches)

Capacity: 40,000

Stadium 974 (Doha)

Stadium 974

The 974 repurposed cargo containers utilized in its construction gave Stadium 974 its moniker. It is the first temporary venue in the extensive history of the FIFA World Cup. After the event, Qatar will dismantle the facility.

Matches: 7 (5 Group Matches)

Capacity: 40,000


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