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A Spectacle of Skills—PDC World Cup of Darts 2024—Format, Schedule, Streaming Details, and Predictions

We eagerly await the PDC World Cup of Darts to exhilarate moments early to watch the Darts fan followers worldwide. The upcoming darts events are exciting moments to create the fan. Set up a large screen or projector to watch the matches. Make sure everyone has a good view. Hosting a Darts World Cup 2024 viewing party is not just a fun way to view the exciting matches together, but also a way to foster a sense of community among friends, family, or fellow darts enthusiasts. Choose a comfortable and spacious location. If the weather permits, it could be your living room, a sports bar, or outdoor space. The PDC World Cup of Darts will be held on June 27–30, 2024, at the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt, Germany. The fourteenth edition of the PDC World Cup of Darts is a four-day tournament to rule the top nation. It is enjoyable to decorate the space with dart-themed items. It would be an incredible atmosphere if you were one of the lucky sports fans visiting Germany during this time. Hang banners, put up dartboards, and use colours associated with the game, like red, black, and white. Get into the spirit! Cheers to your front-runner teams! Celebrate the 180s and enjoy the drama of each leg. So, keep enjoying the World Cup and perhaps the best team to win!



The Darts World Cup 2024 is generating immense excitement and drawing fans from around the globe. The World Cup features the best darts players representing their countries. Unlike individual tournaments, the World Cup is a team event. Each team has two players from a seeded nation; partnerships between players add a layer of drama and strategy. Even though fans root for their front-runner duos and revel in the chemistry between teammates, National pride is on the line. Fans rally behind their country’s team, creating an electric atmosphere. Whether it’s England, Wales, or the Netherlands, supporters wear their colours proudly. The prize money and prestige make every match crucial. Teams battle fiercely, and the tension builds with each throw. The stakes are sky-high, and fans feel every moment. If you are viewing a party, it amplifies the excitement. Friends gather snacks flow and cheers erupt as the ‘180s’ hit the board. ‘180s’ are the highest possible score with three darts in a single turn, and they are a thrilling part of the game. Planning ensures a memorable experience for everyone involved. Remember, whether you are at the venue or hosting a party, the Darts World Cup promises thrilling action and unforgettable moments. We have come up with some exciting facts, including predictions. For even more sports information, visit our website.

What is the new format for the PDC World Cup of Darts 2024?

The PDC World Cup of Darts will have 40 teams. The top four teams are seeded for the second round, with the other 36 teams competing in a group stage of twelve groups of three, with one qualifying from each group.

In the new format of World Cup Darts, all rounds consist of a double match, removing singles matches, which had been a part of World Cups in previous years, entirely.

Here is how each stage will be played out and won:

  • Group Stage: Best of seven legs.
  • Second Round, Quarterfinals, and Semi-Finals: Best of fifteen legs.
  • Final: Best of nineteen legs.

In the World Cup of Darts 2024, only 12 teams will emerge from the group stage to accompany the top four seeded teams in the second round. From the second round onwards, the competition is a straight knockout format, with only the best pair making it to the final of the World Cup darts team performance level to be decided.

How do I watch the PDC World Cup of Darts 2024?

The PDC World Cup of Darts is live-aired on Sky Sports Action in the UK, ensuring that local fans can catch all the action. For those who prefer online streaming, Sky Sports subscribers can watch the tournament live via the Sky GO app, providing a convenient and accessible option. This assures fans, regardless of location or subscription status, they can be part of the excitement.

Last year, fans could stream the entire action on NOW TV through their mobile device or tablet, but this still needs to be confirmed for this year’s tournament.

In World Darts, fan followers will also show their subscribers the PDC World Cup of Darts tournament on PDC TV (excluding Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

For all darts fans worldwide, never miss a leg; download the PDC App now!

Fans in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, the USA, Brazil, and Canada can catch live darts events on DAZN, another official PDC broadcaster partner. DAZN accepts only local credit and debit cards.

The PDC World Cup of Darts will cover live on Sky Sports Arena. Tune in to catch all the action!

What are the teams and seedings for the PDC World Cup of Darts 2024?

The top four seeded nations, England, Wales, Netherlands and Scotland are chosen based on merged Order of Merit rankings and go straight into the second round. The following 12 highest-ranking nations (5-16) are seeded in the group stage, along with another 16 unseeded teams. This means the likes of Ireland, Germany, and the USA will start their competition in the group stages.

The team and players are as follows:

Seeded Nations (top four to second round)

RankCountryCurrent top 2 PlayersStart in


1 EnglandLuke Humphries and Michael Smith 





Round 2

2 WalesGerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton
3 NetherlandsMichael van Gerwen and Danny Noppert
4 ScotlandPeter Wright and Gary Anderson
5 BelgiumDimitri Van den Bergh and Kim Huybrechts 
















Round 1

6 Northern IrelandJosh Rock and Brendan Dolan
7 GermanyMartin Schindler and Gabriel Clemens
8 AustraliaDamon Heta and Simon Whitlock
9 Republic of IrelandWilliam O’Connor and Keane Barry
10 AustriaRowby-John Rodriguez and Mensur Suljović
11 PolandKrzysztof Ratajski and Radek Szagański
12 Czech RepublicAdam Gawlas and Karel Sedláček
13 CroatiaBoris Krčmar and Romeo Grbavac
14 FranceThibault Tricole and Jacques Labre
15 SwedenJeffrey de Graaf and Oskar Lukasiak
16 United StatesDanny Lauby and Jules van Dongen

Unseeded Nations

CountryEntered players


 BahrainDuda Durra and Basem Mahmood


 CanadaDavid Cameron and Matt Campbell


 ChinaChengan Liu and Zong Xiao Chen


 Chinese TaipeiPupo Teng Lieh and An Sheng Lu


 DenmarkBenjamin Reus and Claus Nielsen


 FinlandTeemu Harju and Marko Kantele


 GibraltarCraig Galliano and Justin Hewitt


 GuyanaSudesh Fitzgerald and Norman Madhoo


 Hong KongLok Yin Lee and Man Lok Leung


 HungaryGábor Jagicza and Nándor Major


 IcelandPétur Gudmundsson and Arngrímur


 ItalyMassimo Dalla Rosa and Michele Turetta


 JapanRyusei Azemoto and Tomoya Goto


 LatviaValters Melderis and Madars Razma


 LithuaniaMindaugas Barauskas and Darius Labanauskas


 MalaysiaMohd Bin Jantan and Siik Hwang Wong
 New ZealandHaupai Puha and Ben Robb


 NorwayCor Dekker and Håkon Bjørge Helling


 PhilippinesChristian Perez and Alexis Toylo


 PortugalJosé de Sousa and David Gomes


 SingaporeHarith Lim and Paul Lim


 South AfricaCameron Carolissen and Johan Geldenhuys


 SpainJosé Justicia and Jesús Noguera


 SwitzerlandStefan Bellmont and Bruno Stöckl


PDC World Cup of Darts Schedule

  • Day One: 12x Group Stage (best of 7 legs)
  • Day Two, Session One: 12x Group Stage
  • Day Two, Session Two: 12x Group Stage
  • Day Three, Session One: 4x Second Round (best of 15 legs)
  • Day Three, Session Two: 4x Second Round
  • Day Four, Session One: Quarter-Finals (best of 15 legs)
  • Day Four, Session Two: Semi-Finals (best of 15 legs) and Finals (best of 19 legs).

What is the prize money for the PDC World Cup of Darts 2024?

The PDC World Cup of Darts 2024 is not just about the glory, but also about the substantial rewards. The total prize money for the winners is a staggering £450,000, with the champions taking home a significant £80,000.

Are you curious about how the prize money is distributed? Here’s the breakdown: Each team will receive a share of the £ 450,000, with the winners getting the lion’s share of £ 80,000.

Position (no. of teams)Prize Money
(Total: £450,000)
Winners (1)£80,000


Runners-Up (1)£50,000


Semi-Finalists (2)£30,000


Quarter-Finalists (4)£20,000


Last 16 (Second round) (8)£9,000


Second in group (12)£5,000


Third in group (12)£4,000


Prediction for the PDC World Cup of Darts

Let’s delve into the highly anticipated PDC World Cup of Darts 2024, where countries’ top four-seeded teams are set to battle it. Among these, the top two-seeded teams have a particularly intriguing story.

England: Luke Humphries and Michael Smith

Luke Humphries, the reigning 2024 PDC World Champion, has a story of incredible resilience. Overcoming battles with anxiety and depression, he nearly abandoned his darts career. However, his triumph over adversity, winning four of the past five major televised events, including the World Championship, is a testament to his mental fortitude. His unwavering consistency and hunger for success are not just commendable; they are truly inspiring. Humphries has demonstrated a physical advantage over his Premier League peers and is underscoring the importance of maintaining mental resilience in his debut season. As he sets his sights on more triumphs, he serves as a beacon of inspiration for fellow players and fans alike!

Michael Smith’s journey to the World Championship title was a testament to his determination. Despite setbacks, he showed glimpses of his best form, reaching the semi-final of the GP and performing well in Players Championship events. Regular practice sessions with World Matchplay champion Nathan Aspinall helped him regain confidence of World Cup darts of teams. He believes the Ally Pally stage is where he can bring his A-game. While he has yet to consistently fire on all cylinders recently, his optimism about returning to peak performance during the World Championship is infectious. In this upcoming event of the PDC World Cup of Darts, he defends his crown, and fans eagerly await more noteworthy moments on the dartboard.

Wales: Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton

Gerwyn Price’s participation in the PDC World Cup of Darts is a testament to his unwavering competitive edge. He secured his first individual title since last November by emerging victorious in the Nordic Darts Masters, defeating Rob Cross in the final. This win showcased his mental resilience and his ability to perform under pressure of World Cup darts teams. Despite facing numerous challenges, Price has consistently delivered strong performances. He reached the semi-finals of the World Series of Darts and made a strong impression during the Premier League Darts opening night in Cardiff. Price’s determination to build on his successful 2023 season, where he won six ranking titles and guided Wales to World Cup of Darts victory, is a clear indication of his competitive spirit. As a multiple-world champion, he remains a formidable force. Price’s occasional struggles to close out matches only add to the thrill of his games. He remains confident in his abilities and is prepared for the big tournaments. Gerwyn Price’s journey in 2024 is a testament to his determination and hunger for success of World Cup of Darts winners, which is sure to captivate fans.

Jonny Clayton’s victory as the Nordic Darts Masters Champion is a testament to his competitive edge and mental resilience. Despite facing challenges, he consistently delivered strong performances, reaching the semi-finals of the World Series of Darts and making a strong impression during the Premier League Darts opening night. Clayton remains a formidable force as a multiple-world champion, having won the Masters, the World Grand Prix, the World Series of Darts, and the Premier League. Clayton’s form has been convincing at times, but he has also needed assistance in specific matches, including missed doubles. Despite his ongoing quest for improvement, Jonny Clayton’s journey reflects his determination, resilience, and hunger for success in the PDC World Cup of Darts. Fans eagerly anticipate more thrilling moments on the Oche! It will be fascinating to see how the darts players of the PDC World Cup of Darts perform.


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