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MotoGP 2024 Liqui Moly Motorrad GP Deutschland: Streaming Details, Odds, and Predictions

The MotoGP world is buzzing with excitement, eagerly anticipating the heart-pounding action of the Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland 2024. The Sachsenring is all set to host this thrilling event from July 5-7, 2024, and the fans and the enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats, counting down the days. A lineup of the most elite riders, state-of-the-art machinery, and the electrifying atmosphere that only MotoGP can provide make the 2024 edition an event not to be missed. Get ready to witness the most fabulous motorcyclists in the world, the crème de la crème, compete for the ultimate title on one of the most famous courses on the MotoGP 2024 schedule.

We witnessed the motorcycle grand Prix Motul TT Assen 2024 the previous week at TT Circuit Assen. The event was filled with drama and action, eye-catching and refreshing for all viewers. The event’s star was Francesco Bagnaia from the Ducati Lenovo Team, who clinched the victory by showcasing his exceptional skill and incredible speed with a time of 40:07.214. Throughout the weekend, Bagnaia showed a dominant performance, successfully leading the primary race from the start to the finish. His strategic thinking and pressure handling-gave him incredible success the prior week. Followed by Bagnaia, Jorge Martín Prima from Pramac Racing finished the race in second position with a time of +3.676. Even though Martin started the weekend with challenges, his teams made significant improvements, making him more competitive throughout the race. He tried his best to overtake Bagnaia, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. However, he is standing ahead in the MotoGP 2024 championship standings with points of 200.

Another player from the Ducati Lenovo Team, Enea Bastianini, completed the race in third place with a time of +7.073. He started from 10th place on the grid and climbed up with excellent strategic racing and skillful overtaking. He finished his first podium, and Assen made a significant achievement. Another thing that happened on the MotoGP 2024 TT Assen was Marc Marquez’s crash; most say it was due to the rider’s mistake. At Turn 2, he lost control and slid into the gravel after colliding with the curb. Marquez acknowledged that he made a human error and expressed his annoyance at himself for it. Watching these moments on MotoGP 2024 was thrilling, which made every fan sit at eye level.



Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland – Sachsenring, Hohenstein-Ernstthal

  • The Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland at Sachsenring is located near Chemnitz, Germany. It has been hosting MotoGP races since 1998. The track is known for its high-speed corners and challenging grip levels. It is one of the most physically demanding tracks on the calendar and is a favorite among riders.
  • The Sachsenring circuit will host the MotoGP 2024 event from July 5 to 7, 2024, as part of its 26th edition of the MotoGP series.


Circuit Length3.671 km
Race Distance110.13 Km
Number of Laps          30
  • Francesco Bagnaia holds the current MotoGP lap record at Sachsenring, with 1:19.93. Therefore, it would be interesting to see if any drivers will compete to break this lap record during this confrontation.
  • Additionally, Marco Bezzecchi set a new top speed record of 305.0 km/h during the sprint race.

MotoGP 2024: Live Stream of Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland

Various streaming options are available for those unable to attend the MotoGP 2024  Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland event in person.

The event will be live-streamed on Super Spots in Africa, CANAL+ for Africa-French-speaking countries, SSC in the Middle East, ESPN in Latin America, Central America & Caribbean Islands, and Sport 24 In-Flight. Fans in Canada can watch the Moto GP 2024 on REV TV.

Eurosport and Sports 18 will live stream MotoGP in India and broadcast on DAZN in Spain.

The race will be streamed live in the USA on truTV and Max, and in the UK, it will be broadcast on ITV and TNT Sports.

Fox Sports will broadcast the event live in Australia.

Japan will see Nippon TV, Hulu, and BS Nippon TV broadcast the event.

In addition, offers a MotoGP live stream for active bettors on race day.

MotoGP 2024 Schedule for Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland

July 4, 2024 (Thursday)

16:00-16:35MotoGP™Pre-Event Press Conference 1
16:35-17:15MotoGP™Pre-Event Press Conference 2

July 5, 2024 (Friday) 

08:30-08:45   MotoE™Practice Nr. 1
09:00-09:35Moto3™Free Practice
09:50-10:30Moto2™Free Practice
10:45-11:30MotoGP™Free Practice Nr. 1
11:40-13:10MotoGP™Best of
12:25-12:40MotoE™Practice Nr. 2
13:15-13:50Moto3™Practice Nr. 1
14:05-14:45Moto2™Practice Nr. 1
16:10-16:55MotoGP™Best of
17:05-17:15MotoE™Qualifying Nr. 1
17:25-17:35MotoE™Qualifying Nr. 2

 July 6, 2024 (Saturday) 

08:40-09:10Moto3™Practice Nr. 2
09:25-09:55Moto2™Practice Nr. 2
10:10-10:40MotoGP™Free Practice Nr. 2
10:50-11:05MotoGP™Qualifying Nr. 1
11:15-11:30MotoGP™Qualifying Nr. 2
12:15MotoE™11 LapsRace Nr.1
12:50-13:05Moto3™Qualifying Nr. 1
13:15-13:30Moto3™Qualifying Nr. 2
13:45-14:00Moto2™Qualifying Nr. 1
14:10-14:25Moto2™Qualifying Nr. 2
15:00MotoGP™15 LapsTissot Sprint
16:10MotoE™11 LapsRace Nr.2

 July 7, 2024 (Sunday) 

09:40-09:50MotoGP™Warm Up
10:00-10:40MotoGP™Rider Fan Parade
11:00Moto3™23 LapsRace
12:15Moto2™25 LapsRace
14:00MotoGP™30 LapsRace
15:10-15:45MotoGP™After the Flag
15:45-16:30MotoGP™Race Press Conference

MotoGP 2024 Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland-Predictions

In MotoGP 2024, Jorge Martin from Prima Pramac Racing is standing ahead of first position with 200 points and two victories, making his journey victorious. According to his total statistics, he has one world championship, with 17 wins, 50 podiums, 37 poles, and 161 races. Martin is well known for his exceptional and technical speed on the track. Despite several injuries and setbacks during his career, he bounced back with solid performance and demonstrated remarkable resilience. At the same time, his consistency was a significant doubt, so he had to perform consistently to maintain his top position in the championship standings. Jorge Martin has had a unique and exciting ride in the MotoGP. In 2021, he debuted in the top class with Pramac Racing Ducati. Despite a difficult beginning, Martin showed his potential early on, including a big crash in Portimao that injured several people. After only two races, he achieved his first pole position and podium finish in Qatar. Martin’s 2023 MotoGP championship finish as runner-up cemented his standing as one of the best riders. In addition to that, it was recently revealed that he will sign a multi-year contract with Aprilia Racing in 2025. This action represents a pivotal moment in his career. In the prior MotoGP 2024 at TT Circuit Assen, he was not able to finish the race at first, so to maintain his position, we can expect his outstanding performance in this upcoming Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland MotoGP 2024.

The other impressive performer in MotoGP 2024 is the Ducati Lenovo Team’s Francesco Bagnaia, who stands behind Martin with 190 points and five victories. His statistics show he has won three world championships, 33 victories, 64 podiums, 26 poles, and 161 races. Bagnaia showed an impressive racecraft that demonstrated consistent performance and strategic overtaking on the track. He also possesses remarkable speed, which allows him to navigate challenging circuits with fitness. He also showed mental resilience, bouncing back from setbacks and managing high-pressure situations. However, there have been times when Bagnaia has had trouble handling racial situations, especially when there is fierce competition. While looking at Francesco Bagnaia’s journey in MotoGP he began his MotoGP career in 2019 with the Pramac Racing team. Following two seasons, he joined the Ducati Lenovo Team in 2021, a career-changing one for Bagnaia, where he started to shine.  He won the 2021 MotoGP World Championship, becoming the youngest-ever champion in the premier class of motorcycle racing. He was also the youngest rider to win a MotoGP race since 2001. His success has been an inspiration to other young riders around the world. With his excellent performance in the prior race, Francesco Bagnaia will continue his consistency and significantly impact MotoGP 2024.


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