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F1 Spain GP Odds, Live Stream & Predictions

Spain Grand Prix

Sparks of fire erupt from the elbow-to-elbow racing, despite only three races, we have witnessed so far this season. Finishing the affairs in Portugal, the F1 travels to Spain this week. Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya is all set for the drivers to melt their tyres. The qualifying sessions will be held on Saturday as usual but sprint races will be. Hamilton and Verstappen battle is getting heated each passing moment, the professionals seem to enjoy this.

The Mercedes and Red Bull nametags dominated the top half of the Portugal Grand Prix results. Left out of the top berth, and trying to get on the history book, Charles Leclerc secured sixth place. Giving company to his team-mate but just off the podium was Sergio Perez, the Red Bull driver was six minutes slower than Valtteri Bottas. On the wheels of Mclaren Mercedes, Lando Norris finished fifth but stands third in the drivers’ competition with 37 points.

Rumours of George Russell replacing Valtteri Bottas in mid-season as a partner for Hamilton made it to the web, Valtteri Bottas scorned the idea. His remark highlighted the behaviour of their rival Red Bull to send off drivers. On the wet surface of Imola, Russell crashed onto Bottas but things have been smooth between them since. Russell’s fans will be excited to see him drive for the Silver Arrows.

Live Streaming

In the UK, Sky Sports is the official broadcaster of Formula 1 this year, the online platform Sky Sports F1 will stream the races. Besides, the European audience can watch the event live on their gadgets through the Sky Go application.

ESPN channel provides live coverage in the United States, the millennial F1 fans can live stream the event ESPN+ OTP platform.

Indian subcontinent can witness the race in Star Sports network in the comfort of their homes. Disney+ Hotstar has procured the rights for broadcast on their platform.

In Australia, Fox Sports and Network Ten broadcast the live event.

Play Sports is the go-to network for Max Verstappen’s fans in his home, Belgium.

Spain Grand Prix 2021 Schedule

Thursday 6th May

Formula 1Press Conference14:00 – 17:35

Friday 7th May

FIA Formula Regional by AlpinePractice Session09:00 – 09:40
FIA Formula 3Practice Session10:05 – 10:50
Formula 1First Practice Session11:30 – 12:30
FIA Formula Regional by AlpineFirst Qualifying Session12:55 – 13:10
Formula 1Press Conference13:00 – 14:00
FIA Formula 3Qualifying Session13:35 – 14:05
Formula 1Second Practice Session15:00 – 16:00
FIA Formula Regional by AlpineSecond Qualifying Session16:25 – 16:40
FIA Formula 3Press Conference16:30 – 17:00

Saturday 8th May

Formula 1Team Pit Stop Practice09:20 – 09:40
FIA Formula 3First Race (22 Laps or 40 Mins)10:35 – 11:20
FIA Formula 3Press Conference11:40 – 12:00
Formula 1Third Practice Session12:00 – 13:00
FIA Formula Regional by AlpineFirst Race (TBC Laps or 30 Mins+1 Lap)13:30 – 14:05
Formula 1Qualifying Session15:00 – 16:00
Formula 1Press Conference16:00 – 17:00
FIA Formula 3Second Race (22 Laps or 40 Mins)16:45 – 17:30
FIA Formula 3Press Conference17:50 – 18:20

Sunday 9th May

FIA Formula Regional by AlpineSecond Race (TBC Laps or 30 Mins+1 Lap)10:50 – 11:25
FIA Formula 3Third Race (22 Laps or 40 Mins)12:05 – 12:50
FIA Formula 3Press Conference13:10 – 13:40
Formula 1Drivers’ Presentation13:10 – 13:50
Formula 1‘We Race As One’ Gesture14:43 – 14:44
Formula 1National Anthem14:44 – 14:46
Formula 1Grand Prix (66 Laps or 120 Mins)15:00 – 17:00

Spain Grand Prix F1 odds

Lewis Hamilton 2.10

Max Verstappen 2.50

Valtteri Bottas 7.50

Sergio Perez 10.00

Charles Leclerc 51.00

Lando Norris 51.00

Daniel Ricciardo 67.00

Carlos Sainz 67.00

Pierre Gasly 101.00

Fernando Alonso 251.00


Mercedes suffered from rear-wheel stability in Bahrain Grand Prix, owing to the prohibition of floor cuts or slots, however, they have innovated their rear wing to create more downforce. Red Bull have coated the front brake duct to protect the tyres from excess heat and the divider arrangement inside the inlet have changed once again.

Max Verstappen is a master racer on the rise, his brilliant move in Portugal of falling back just to regain momentum before the first turn tells it. A diamond doesn’t fade, neither is the British seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton. In Portugal, in what can be called sweet revenge, Hamilton took the inner line and edged out Verstappen, a reverse incident folded out at Imola. Valtteri Bottas is inching close to the promising McLaren driver, Lando Norris, in the drivers’ standings. Finishing fourth in Portimao, Sergio Perez is familiarizing the Honda engine. Wind will play a major role in this race, a flood of aerodynamic drag is expected and the cars can have steering problems in the afternoon. Considering this aspect and the last few races, Lewis Hamilton has the experience to come out on top over Max Verstappen.

F1 rules 2021 & teams

Significant changes in the FIA rules include a further decrease in the minimum cost cap. Last year’s cap of $175 million is reduced to $145 million.

Lower order teams will be allowed more internal test runs than the top order teams. Chassis & suspension won’t receive major innovations for the year. Big fishes in the sea are prohibited from massive power unit upgrades.

The FIA decided that the teams will race with the same cars from the past season, the new era is postponed to 2022. All machines will feature the 1.6 litre V6 turbo hybrid engine.

Perhaps the most nightmarish regulation for Mercedes will be the prohibition of slots, holes and any design tweaks at the floor in front of the rear tire. An original cut will be maintained.

Tracks saw an immense increase in downforce throughout last year. FIA keeps a check on that, the machines will have to reduce their downforce by 10 per cent.

The dual Axis Steering (DAS) system, the brainchild of Mercedes, will be abandoned. Lewis Hamilton will have to keep W12’s toes straight in the track.

The minimum weight of the F1 cars is increased by 3 kg, while the 749-kilogram baseline will make the giants’ frown, a parallel increase of the power unit to 150 kg will compensate for it.

No stone is left unturned, the strakes of the diffuser will be shortened by 50 millimetres.

Scraping all the problems they had in last season and getting an edge over the Silver Arrows through a rule change, Red Bull appear a threat to Mercedes’ eighth world championship. As it turns out, Red Bull’s high-rake angle and new floor regulation have paired well.

Aston Martin’s AMR1 is the only ‘new’ car in the 2021 season. They have used their tokens wisely adapting last year’s nose design and suspension from the disguised Racing Point. Meanwhile, the pioneers of racing have modified their chassis, lowering the sidepod and changing the design.

Renault’s Alpine lifted their radiator unit, enhancing their engine performance while compromising in the aerodynamics, the bulked-up airbox turned heads.

AlphaTauri have somehow slipped under the FIA radar, pushing back their steering rack, the couple of tokens is safely invested within.

Ferrari and other teams updated their liveries, there is not much innovation in terms of functioning.


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