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2019 J1 League Live Stream, Odds, and Predictions

The J1 League is the top division league in Japanese football. It is regarded by many as one of the most successful leagues in Asia. The league had its debut season in the year 1993, with just ten teams playing for the title. In 2019, 18 teams are playing in a relegation-promotion format, a format that has been changed throughout the years.

The Japan J1 league is on full gear! This year’s League is the 27th season of the Japan J1 League that will commence on 22 February 2019 which will go up to 7 December 2019.

Will the defending champions Kawasaki Frontale clinch the title this season too? This has been in all our minds and with lots of enthusiasm and expectations, the followers and fans are in search of a suitable guide to watch the Japan J1 League games online.

In this article, you will find the complete details of the networks that will air the live stream of the Japan J1 League. Continue reading and learn more.

How to Stream Japan League Online?

The bet365 streams the live-action of the Japan J1 League which can be watched with ease from home. In order to bet along with watching the live stream, the with its In-Play option is the right choice for you.

The networks that will be telecasting the live Japan J1 league in different parts of the world are given below.

In Japan, all matches are streamed live on the streaming service, DAZN Japan, available for a monthly fee to those in the country.

  • Live streams of selected J1 league matches through DAZN service is available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada.
  • In the other parts of Asia like the fans in Thailand will find televised matches on the channel Truevisions. These broadcasts are typically limited to matches featuring clubs with Thai players.
  • Unfortunately, in the U.S., the U.K. and most of the rest of the world, J1 coverage is limited to occasional recaps and quick clips.

Japan J1 League Odds and Schedule

The long-awaited 2019 Japan J1 League is here! The matches have been fixed and predictions are being made. Find the complete list of the fixtures along with the odds below. You can also find the standings of the teams below, which will be updated regularly as the events proceed.

The 2019 Japan J1 League has begun, with the 21st round scheduled on 2 July. Predictions and standings of the weekly fixtures are explained below:


Japan J1 Week 21 Predictions

Urawa Red Diamonds vs Kashima Antlers

The Urawa Red Diamonds host Kashima Antlers on Wednesday 31st July, 11:30 am at Saitama Stadium. The host Urawa Red Diamonds are currently in the 9th place in the table having won against Jubilo Iwata 3-1, whereas the visitor Kashima Antlers is in 3rd place after their 2-1 win against Sagan Tosu.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima vs Kawasaki Frontale

The team Sanfrecce Hiroshima will host Kawasaki Frontale on Wednesday 31st July, 11:00 am at Hiroshima Big Arch. The hosts are in the 8th place in the table after their 2-2 draw against Matsumoto Yamaga, while the visitors are in 4th place even after their 3-0 win match against Tokyo.

Vissel Kobe vs Gamba Osaka

The Vissel Kobe vs Gamba Osaka will be held at the Misaki Park Stadium at 11:00 am on Friday 2nd August. Kobe is the hosting team which is in the 15th place after its 0-2 loss match against Yokohama, whereas the visiting team Gamba Osaka is in the 11th place after its 2-2 draw match against Nagoya.

Vegalta Sendai vs Jubilo Iwata

The Vegalta Sendai vs Jubilo Iwata will be held at the Yurtec Stadium Sendai at 11:00 am on Saturday 3rd August. Sendai is the hosting team which is in the 13th place after its 0-0 draw match against Cerezo Osaka, whereas the visiting team Iwata is in the 17th place after its 1-3 defeat to Urawa Red Diamonds.

FC Tokyo vs Cerezo Osaka

The Tokyo host Cerezo Osaka on Saturday 3rd August, 11:00 am at Ajinomoto Stadium. The hosts Tokyo are currently in 1st place in the table having won against Shimizu 2-0, whereas the visitors Cerezo Osaka is in 6th place after their 0-0 draw match against Sendai.

Yokohama F-Marinos vs Shimizu S-Pulse

The team Yokohama host Shimizu S-Pulse on Saturday 3rd August, 11:00 am at International Stadium Yokohama. The hosts are in 2nd place in the table after their 2-0 win match against Vissel Kobe, while the visitors are in 14th place even after their 0-2 loss against Tokyo.

Shonan Bellmare vs Kashima Antlers

The Hiratsuka Kyujo stadium will be featuring the Shonan Bellmare vs Kashima Antlers match on Saturday 3rd August, 11:00 am. Bellmare will be hosting the match which is currently in the 12th place after the 2-5 loss match against Consadole Sapporo, while the Kashima Antlers is in the 4th place after their match against the Sagan Tosu which resulted in a 2-1 win.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima vs Consadole Sapporo

At the Hiroshima Big Arch, the Sanfrecce Hiroshima vs Consadole Sapporo match will be conducted on Saturday 3rd August at 11:00 am. Hiroshima will host the match which is in the 8th place after their 2-2 draw against Matsumoto and the Consadole Sapporo are in the 7th place after their 5-2 victory against the Shonan Bellmare.

Urawa Red Diamonds vs Nagoya Grampus

The team Urawa Red Diamonds host Nagoya Grampus on Sunday 4th August, 11:00 am at the Saitama Stadium. Red Diamonds are in the 9th place in the table after their 3-1 win match against Jubilo Iwata, while the Nagoya is in 10th place after their 2-2 draw match against Gamba Osaka.

Kawasaki Frontale vs Matsumoto Y FC

The Kawasaki Frontale vs Matsumoto is scheduled to be held at Todoroki Athletics Stadium on the Sunday 4th August at 11:00 am. The last played game by the Frontale resulted in a 3-1 victory against Oita and they are in 3rd place. The visiting team Matsumoto is in the 16th place after their 2-2 draw against the Sanfrecce Hiroshima.

Sagan Tosu vs Oita

The team Sagan Tosu will host Oita at the Tosu Stadium on Sunday 4th August, 11:30 am. Tosu is in the 18th place after their 1-2 loss against Kashima Antlers, whereas the Oita is in the 5th place after playing against Kawasaki Frontale which resulted in a 1-3 loss.

J1 League Teams

A total of 18 teams will be competing for the 2019 Japan J1 League title and the two 2018 relegated clubs Kashiwa Reysol and V-Varen Nagasaki have been replaced by the two promoted clubs, J2 2018 champions Matsumoto Yamaga (return after three seasons of absence) and Oita Trinita (a come-back after six years to the top tier).

Out of the 10 clubs that have added the Japan J1 League title in their achievements, Kashima Antlers has set a record of winning the title 8 times, with 3 wins in a row from 2007-2009. They were the runner-up team of the 2017 Japan J1 League and failed to grab even the runner-up position in 2018. Kawasaki Frontale became the 2018 Japan J1 League champion which was their second title, with their first win in 2017.

The second most successful clubs in the Japan J1 League are Yokohama F. Marinos, Júbilo Iwata, and Sanfrecce Hiroshima each having won 3 titles. Three teams have won the title twice – Kawasaki Frontale, Gamba Osaka, and Tokyo Verdy and three clubs have been crowned as champions once – Urawa Red Diamonds, Nagoya Grampus, and Kashiwa Reysol.

The club to hold the record of being the runner-up team for more than 3 times in the Japan J1 League is Urawa Red Diamonds (5 times). Gamba Osaka holds the record for the longest winning run of 9 matches from matchday 25 to 33 during the 2018 season, whereas Consadole Sapporo has set the record for the longest unbeaten run of 12.

J1 League Best Players

So far 26 seasons of the Japan J1 League have taken place and each year the top scorer of the season is honored with an award. The top scorer of the 2018 J1 League season was awarded to Jo of Nagoya Grampus for scoring 24 goals.

The J League honors a player with the Player of the Year or the Most Valuable Player title based on his performance in the league. Akihiro Lenaga of Kawasaki Frontale became the 2018 J. League Player of the Year.

 J1 League Top Scorers

Individual awards are given to the players such as the top goal scorer of the League award. Till date, the top goal scorer of the Japan J1 league is the Japanese footballer who plays for the Jubilo Iwata Yoshito Okubo with 184 goals. Followed by Okubo, the JEF United Chiba player Hisato Sato has scored 161 goals in his career as a footballer.

There have been many individual records being made by players so far. The most career goals record has been maintained by Yoshito Okubo with 181 goals. The record for the most career hat-tricks is made by the former Brazilian player Ueslei 8 times.

A total of 36 goals have been made in a season by Masashi Nakayama in 1998, which remains the highest till date. The most hat-tricks in a season record are also recorded by Masashi Nakayama in 1998 for 5 times.

Japan J1 League Attendance

Among all the popular football leagues in Asia, Japan J1 League is considered to be one of the successful leagues. The 2018 Japan J1 League recorded the highest attendance on matchday 27 between Urawa and Vissel with 55,689 seats occupied.

The lowest attendance of the season was recorded on matchday 7 with 6,189 between Shimizu and V-Varen. On an average scale, 19,064 attendance was recorded at the end of the 2018 season.


Rank Name of the Club MP W D L G Pts
1. Nagoya 1 1 0 0 4:0 3
2. Shonan 1 1 0 0 2:0 3
3. Yokohama M. 1 1 0 0 3:2 3
4. Oita 1 1 0 0 2:1 3
5. C-Osaka 1 1 0 0 1:0 3
6. Shimizu 1 0 1 0 1:1 1
7. Hiroshima 1 0 1 0 1:1 1
8. Iwata 1 0 1 0 1:1 1
9. Yamaga 1 0 1 0 1:1 1
10. Vegalta Sendai 1 0 1 0 0:0 1
11. Kawasaki Frontale 1 0 1 0 0:0 1
12. Urawa 1 0 1 0 0:0 1
13. FC Tokyo 1 0 1 0 0:0 1
14. G-Osaka 1 0 0 1 2:3 0
15. Kashima 1 0 0 1 1:2 0
16. Kobe 1 0 0 1 0:1 0
17. Sapporo 1 0 0 1 0:2 0
18. Sagan Tosu 1 0 0 1 0:4 0

The Reigning Champion (2018)

The Japan J1 League came to an end with the 2017 defending champions Kawasaki Frontale winning the title in 2018 season also. They topped the scoreboard with 69 points after having won the final match 2-1 against Jubilo Iwata at the Todoroki Athletics Stadium.

Previous Record of the Japan League

The winner of the J1 League along with the runner-up and the 3rd placed team enters the group stage of the AFC Champions League. The fourth place of each tournament enters the preliminary round of the AFC CL. On the other hand, three clubs from the J2 League are promoted to the AFC CL, with three clubs being relegated from the Japanese top flight.

Kawasaki Frontale is the current champion of the 2018 season which was their second J1 League title win after defeating Jubilo Iwata. They won with a better goal difference. The two teams relegated to the J2 League were: Kashiwa and V-Varen Nagasaki. Their spots in the J1 League are taken by Matsumoto Yamaga (a come-back to J1 after three seasons of absence) and Oita Trinita (a come-back in the top tier after six years).

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