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EPL Betting Odds 2019-2020

EPL 2019-2020

EPL 2019/20 Odds and Predictions

English Premier League Odds

The Overview and inspection of the previous seasons provide us with a clear cut strategy on what we can expect from the upcoming season of the European Football league. This helps us perceive what teams can go forward in the tournament with the utmost probability. The data provided not just works theoretically but also practically due to many reasons. One among them is how the current form of the clubs determine the future winner. In our case we shall inspect the 20 qualified teams and determine what chance they have on winning or what prevents them from being relegated.

How odds are calculated

The odds derived are based purely on mathematical calculations which provides ease and assurance to the use. This is done by a simple method of using any of the clubs’ current record and the number of matches played. Simply put the points scored is divided by the number of matches played and this gives the clarity on which teams have a higher probability of winning than others. For, E.g. (spoilers ahead!) Manchester City being crowned as last years’ champions gives them an advantage as they have won the most number of matches in recent times which puts them in the top spot in our predictions.



1Man City1.400
5Aston Villa4501.000
Odds last updated on:17/04/24 11:59:59 GMT. Subjected to change

The following list is made in the particular order of the sides and their respective winning odds.

Manchester city

This is probably the easiest and obvious choice as no expert opinion is needed. Manchester City has had a dream run in the previous two years winning the last two editions of the European football league. This gives them a fair advantage over their opponents as they look to extend their winning run this year as well. If Manchester city manages to win the title, this would be the third consecutive title which is a record in itself. The Odds of them winning is 1.44, which puts them gently at the top of the table.


Having never won the European football league being placed at #2 position provides Liverpool a brighter chance of winning more than ever. Their players will be keen to register their first championship victory as they have a higher probability of winning. Last year they finished just one point behind the champions Manchester City who managed to win their last league stage to stay on top. But never has a second-placed team come this close in history before. This allows Liverpool to continue their good run and look for an ever better result this time around. We have placed their odds of winning at 4.00.


Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham receives an odd of 21.00 of winning chance according to predictions. Although Tottenham has not been in the limelight quite often they have not been dumbed down thanks to its players like Harry Kane. This helped them break into the top 4 and have achieved a higher rating than Chelsea, who was positioned 3rd in the league table. There is a lot to look out for Tottenham this coming season as their odds of winning are higher than ever.

Manchester United

Manchester United had a not so good season (according to their standards) as they ended in the 6th place. This puts them in a rather awkward position as they are always expected to be at least in the top 4.Having had enormous success since the beginning of the tournament they would try to consolidate last years’ performance by making it to the Top 4.The winning odds for Manchester United stand at 29.00.


A team which is always in contention appears to be so this year as well. With a winning odd of 41.00, they are placed at the 5th position. A team heavily relying on their top players, Arsenal will lookout to make the most out of it. Being labeled as a defensive side arsenal have been the butt of many jokes within and outside the country. They will try to break it by having a rather attacking approach.



Currently placed at #6 with winning odds of 67.00 is a rather distressing sight to Chelsea fans as they expect their beloved team to be among the top. But statistics do not lie, and Chelsea has a lot going on in this season. The real question is will they be able to put aside differences and work as a team. Their intense rivalries are touted to be one of the most expected matches with their main rival being Tottenham. But they will be looking forward to pip Arsenal, and Manchester United to gain momentum.



Mostly known for its consistency no matter what players exist in the team, Everton has managed to be consistent in our predictions as well. With a winning aggregate of 251.00 Everton are not the firm favorites but expect them to pull off a surprise win against one of the top 4.This has been the case for Everton for a long time as they struggle against the top teams but a change in approach can bring some good fortune.


Wolverhampton Wanderers

A name which has been in and out of the spotlight continuously for years the Wolverhampton look to make a mark in this edition of the European football league. With a winning odd of 301, if Wolverhampton breaks into the top four or even 5, in this case, it will be regarded as a huge changeover.


Leicester City

The dark horse of all the horses, Leicester city, won the 2015-16 edition which was considered to be the ‘sporting shock of the decade’. They managed to outwit their opponents and stayed on top of the table and won the championship. Though they have not displayed the same intention or courage we can expect them to provide a few more ‘shocks’. With an aggregate of 401.00 Leicester are not among the favorites, but as the tournament progresses we can expect to see some fathomable results.


West Ham United

West ham united with a winning odd of 701.00 will look to dominate the latter part of the table and secure easy wins. With its current form dimming and players not being able to replicate the club’s former glory, the team has been struggling in a few occasions. But the player transfer has allowed them to be flexible and they look to win under different circumstances.


Aston Villa


Like Everton, Aston Villa is one of the most consistent football leagues around the world. But their roundup in the European Football league is not up to the mark. They have come under criticism for not showing a lot of variety. Their winning odds stand at 1501.00 which is far from what fans would be willing to bet on, but we cannot rule out “The villa” so easily given their history and abundance of players.


Crystal Palace

Crystal palace falls under the same category as its predecessor Aston villa having similar loopholes in their lineup. There are rated having 1501.00 the equal number of points as Aston villa but will look forward to bounce beyond the ones above them.


Southampton F.C.

Southampton is too securing 1501.00 ranks almost as same as its predecessors facing similar problems as well. The odds don’t promise anything worthy for Southampton, but if they put their will and wit into play we all can expect a turnaround.


Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion achieved their career high ranking recently. This puts them in a rather confusing position as they juggle between their aspirations of winning a championship to not being relegated. Brighton and Hove Albion are almost in the same position as the previous clubs securing the same 1501.00.


Watford F.C.

With a winning odd of 1501.00 Watford seems to tell us the same tale as the rest of the teams positioned above them. Facing new challenges and overcoming them, one can expect a difference in fortune for the club. They have an equal winning chance as Brighton and Hove Albion have which should tell you the rest of the story.


Bournemouth F.C.

Bournemouth having been rated with the winning odds of 2000.00 one can almost come to a conclusion that they have a dim chance of winning the championship. But we have seen prospects change midway during the tournament with Leicester city leading as an example. This provides the opportunity for Bournemouth to register a few wins and even cause upsets along the way.


Newcastle United

Last year was harrowing to Newcastle united as they managed to escape the relegation and qualify for this years’ league. They will be wanting to do more than just escape the relegation spot. Newcastle United will look to break into the top 10 and try to breathe fresh air into the tournament. They have a winning odd of 2001.00.

Burnley F.C.

Another team which falls into the same category as Newcastle united as they had a disappointing last season. The bottom tier teams need to look for a way to make it into the top 10, so the contest is even more gripping and not just dominated by a single side which has been the case for many years. It stands at 2001.00 as its winning odds.

Norwich City F.C.

Norwich City, which is considered as a happy-go-lucky team mostly based on their inconsistent performances. Being a side which is placed at the bottom of the table with a winning odd of 2501.00 one cannot expect Norwich to go into the tournament with High ambitions. They clearly have a lot to work on and should concentrate on winning one match at a time.


Sheffield United

Without jumping the wagon, we can assume that Sheffield United is not going to win this years’ championship. A modest team with modest ambitions they can produce results and rise above the rest or at least avoid being relegated. Their winning odds are a mere 3001.00.

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