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An Overview of Casino Betting


A casino is a place, more like a house in which events take place for pleasure and fun. Not all casinos are alike with gambling as their center of the play. Some casinos include sports, dancing, and music listening. The game of chances is the most discussed topic in a Casino. People play, bet, earn and sometimes lose their wages. A Casino can be defined as a place of serendipity or as a place of misfortune, which depends on the luck factor of an individual.

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Strategy Followed

The casinos follow certain strategies to attract audiences and to make them play for a longer period. Roger Thomas, a casino designer was awarded for his innovative idea of introducing flora and natural sunlight in order to appeal to women. The shimmering infrastructure has an obvious impact on players to stay and gamble more. No clocks and windows can be sighted in a casino so that people play timeless. The initial wins and bonuses may induce the urge to play some more but smart-play is the key to win in a casino.

Things to Remember Before and After You Step Into a Casino

  • The intimidating environment may make you bet more than what you can afford. It is important to know your spending limit.
  • The player has the rights to stop the game at any time and take home the money won by him. Hence make sure you quit at the right time and take home the prize that you have made out of the game.
  • Before leaving the casino, check if the applied offers are bagged like freebies and combo packs.
  • Knowing the game is the first and foremost rule to be followed before you play in a casino. Most of the dealers being professional, start-off the game with the rules explained. Try to grasp the overall gameplay along with the odds, to avoid unnecessary misconceptions. You can also approach the dealer for the repetition of the game rules.
  • To increase the chances of winning, understand the strategies of the game. Once if you get familiarized with the game, you will know when to back off and when you should take your chances.
  • Be aware of the cameras! You may find cameras fixed everywhere in a casino. Do not do anything foolish. Keep your belongings safe as the cameras won’t help you much in resolving your personal problems.
  • If you are going to a casino just to have fun then, try the slots and roulettes which are entertaining and fun-filled. If you win, remember that the hot streaks do not last for long and if you lose, remember that it is not the end of the world.

Major Categories of Games Played in a Casino

The categorization of the games played in a casino differs from site to site. The following classification covers the overall games played in a casino.


Classic slots

Slots differ by the number of mechanical reels. Classic slots are easy to play and are the most preferred ones. The aligning of three fruits or five bells in a row is the object of the game. Offers like free spin and extra games are also available in classic slots. The wild icon differs in every game and acts as an advantage to the player. Some of the commonly played Classic slots are

7 Oceans

The 7 Oceans is a simple game with simple rules. No extra points or wild symbols are included in the game to intimate you. The high-scale pay is based on the combinations that reveal in the reels. A maximum of 4,000 coins can be bagged if three 7 Oceans icon is got. A minimum of 500 coins can be gained for any three 7 symbols. For three blue 7 icons, a prize of 1,000 coins can be won. A player can bet a maximum of three coins ranging from 0.25 to 5.00 value per coin.

Fortune Cookie

The Fortune Cookie is a three reel game, which offers bonuses as you progress in the game. A minimum of 0.25 can be waged to a maximum of 5.00. Only two bets are allowed in this game. When three fortune cookies are displayed in a row, then the bettor gets rewarded with 1,600 coins. As the player wins, he gets qualified to claim multiplier. The credits get doubled if a single cookie appears in the reel. If two cookies are present then, the credits get quadrupled.

Trick or Treat

The Trick or Treat game offers you an advantage of betting on more than one pay line. It is a 3 reel game which does not provide any special features like extra credits and free spins. There is no wild symbol to improve your chances of winning instead gives you the chance of betting on more than one pay line. Before spinning the wheel, bets can range from one to three coins. 4,000 coins are the maximum credits that a player can bag when three pumpkins line up in all three pay lines. For single and double pumpkin pay lines, 1,000 and 2,000 coins can be bagged respectively.

3D slots

3D slots let you experience an exciting realistic game with its standard images and animation techniques. It has an amazing feature to attract audiences with its high-quality graphics and sound effects. Even 3D slots have wild icons which offer many discounts and free spins as the player progresses in the game.

A night of mystery

Folks in love with Sherlock Holmes! Grab your chance to be Sherlock Homes! This is an apt game for mystery-lovers. A night of mystery is a 5 reel game, which demands you to solve the mysteries related to a case. This detective game is one of the highest paying 3D slots which offers numerous wild icons and a clue collection bonus round. The free spins bonus round lets you double the wager. The wild icon on 2, 3, 4, and 5 reels, acts as an advantage. A minimum of 0.40 coin to a maximum of 120 coins can be waged.


This game features the wild cats. Cats is a 5 reel game that has either a single cat or double cats in a single icon. Similarly, an icon may have either a single paw print or double paw prints. This is an advantage for the players because the extra credits are based on matching cats in a pay line and not based on the matching symbols in a line. If 5 or more similar paw prints appear in the reel number 2, 3, and 4 the, the cats free spin is activated. A maximum of 10,000 coins can be won with a maximum bet of 10.00 coins per line.


The Enchanted is a game that takes you into the fantasy world. This magical theme based game introduces enticing characters and bonuses. The crazy hat’s crazy reel feature is activated when two or more purple hats are spotted on the same line of the 5 reel. A free spin is triggered when two or more spell book symbols are found on an active pay line. The betting range is from 2.00 cents to a maximum of 50.00 cents. The game involves magical characters that help you rescue the fairy’s birdie. The storyline intimates audiences to bet and play more.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are also called as the progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots demand very less wage and return huge amount on winning. As the game progresses, various levels are featured which are to be crossed to reach the mega jackpot round. The key to winning the mega fortune round is to wager the maximum lines.

Golden sevens

The Golden sevens is a 5 reel slot game with 3 rows. This game features no wild icons or free spin offers. Once a bet is placed on a symbol and on the pay line, the reel is spun. If the combinations are in your favor then, the credits are directly offered and an opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune is given. The gamble option gets activated and you are expected to click the gamble button at the right moment to either win the entire jackpot by getting five golden sevens or to leave with nothing.

Treasure room

The Treasure room game offers you a decent payout. The combination of 3 golden handprints on an active pay line of 5 reels will activate the bonus round. The bonus round is played on a different screen which has three doors. Each door has a unique stone should be revealed by the player in order to collect the treasure. A minimum of 2 cents to a maximum of 100 cents can be waged. 3, 4, or 5 sword symbols will trigger the sword and shield feature which lets the player win up to 5,000 credits.

Pixie gold

The Pixie gold game takes you to the land of magic. In the magic woods, a little mouse trails in a cart in the form of a star when the spin button is pressed. When the star with a lightning symbol appears above the cart, the magic begins. A random lucky symbol is chosen by the cart and is added to the Reelfecta, which is the fixed 3 reels. You can advance to the gamble option if you are not satisfied with the payout. The fairy is the wild card which provides extra credits in the bonus spin.

Video Poker

Joker poker

The Joker poker is a well-known card game which includes an extra card called the joker with the standard 52-deck card. The joker increases the chances of winning as it may be used as a substitute for any card in a sequence or in a one-pair, two-pair hand ranking. If the sequence that you have is not satisfying then, you may discard the unwanted cards and take new ones. Make sure to have a joker in hand because even with two 5s and a joker makes it ‘Three of a kind’. This game is played with the dealer with a minimum wage of 0.01 to a maximum of 5.00. If your cards are perfectly arranged then, press the Deal button which will make the dealer unfold his cards.

Deuces wild

The Deuces wild is a game played with the standard 52 deck cards. The 2s in the deck act as the wild which can be used as a substitute in a sequence or in a flush. The betting range varies from 0.10 to 10.00. The ‘Three of a kind’ is the minimum chance of getting a decent payout. Since 2s act as wild, ‘Five of a kind’ is also a considerable option. This game also offers the chance to double or quadruple the initial wage by guessing the next possible color of the card or even more risking by guessing the suit respectively. Winning will let u bag the whole amount or you lose the entire jackpot.

Bonus poker

The Bonus poker is a game, which encourages redraw bonus. A redraw bonus is awarded when a player gets the same card that he had discarded. This means that the discarded cards of the player are shuffled and added into the draw deck. This game favors the ‘Four of a kind’ hand. The highest payout is from 80 to 1 which is for the four of a kind with aces. The betting wages can range from 1.00 to 5.00. The maximum payout that a player can bag is 4,000 coins and it can be bagged only if it is a Royal flush with an initial wage of 5.00 coins.

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Table Games

Perfect pairs

The Perfect pairs is a side game mostly played as a side bet of a blackjack game when you are satisfied with the first two standard cards in your hand. The bets are placed from a minimum of 1.00 to a maximum of 5.00. The best payout is when a player gets two cards of the same suit, same color, and same value. Such a pair is called the perfect pair. Two cards of the same color give a payout between 12 and 1. Similarly, a non-colored pair gives a payout from 6 to 1.

Match play 21

The Match play 21 is similar to the blackjack with an exception of the tens being removed from the standard 52 deck of cards. The object of the game is to make the cards in your hand show the value 21. Initially, after placing a minimum of 1.00 or a maximum of 5.00 bet, the dealer handles two cards with one face-up and one face-down card and distributes two face-up cards for each player. The player can hit, stand or split the cards. Either the dealer or the player gets a higher payout of 40 to 1 if a 7-7-7 of the same suit is hit.


A Pontoon is a game which resembles the blackjack. Pontoon is played using two to eight deck of cards. The rules are the same as followed in blackjack. The player is said to have won Pontoon if the two cards in his hand show an ace and a ten point card or if he has five cards summing up to 21. If the dealer’s hand is completed, then the wages are equally distributed among the players. The player with a value of more than 21 is said to be busted and takes back no cash.

Specialty Games

Multi-wheel roulette

The Multi-wheel roulette gold is an exciting game with eight wheels spinning simultaneously when the spin button is pressed. Since the multi-wheel roulette is related to the French roulette, the wheels do not have double-zero digits. This increases the chances of winning. The betting levels between 1 and 50. Though the odds are in favor, the initial bet wage is multiplied by 8 (number of wheels spinning). The greater the risk, higher is the winning potential. The transition of the ball running in the wheels are displayed clearly but are slower. An extra feature of displaying the history and the profits gained per wheel can be reviewed by a player.

3D roulette

The 3D roulette games are full of entertainment. The European 3D roulette is the most preferred game which includes a zero. It is thrilling to watch the ball scooting on the wheel when the spin button is pressed. The game offers lots of betting options. A player can bet on one number or on a certain range of numbers. Betting can also be done based on color, whether the ball will land on red or black. The bet can be either an inside bet or an outside bet. The inside bet is more specific whereas the outside bet may cover a wide range of other aspects also. The betting values can be increased or decreased by clicking on the chips piled up in the right side of the table.

Live roulette

The Live roulette shares the live gameplay of roulette in a classic view. The live play is shared only by selective websites like the The game is played with international players online. The objective of the game is to predict a number on which the ball might stop. When the time to bet expires, the ball is released which stops on a number. If the predicted number is same as that of the number on which the ball has stopped, then you win.

An Overview

Certain games in a casino need an element of skill. To play the game of chances, you just have to cross your fingers and pray for the outcome to be in your favor. The rules and regulations of a casino should be respected, as the dealer has the rights to stop the game at any time if he feels that the customer is not fit to be in a casino. A casino can be depicted as a house of entertainment with sounds, lights, and fragrance. At the same time, one should remember that the odds do not favor always and so do not let the intimidating environment carry away your earnings.

So, Where to Play Online Games?

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Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos or Internet casinos, are online versions of traditional (“brick and mortar”) casinos. Online casinos enable gamblers to play and wager on casino games through the Internet.

Although it has started as a bookmaker, nowadays bet365 offers a vast range of gambling options, including a fantastic online casino. Bet365 casino currently operates under the licence given by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority and is regulated by the local Gambling Commissioner. The regulations, control and constant monitoring are aimed at offering fair and secure gaming conditions to bet365’s players.

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Looking to Play Bingo

Are you looking for an online site that offers you bingo games? Take a look at the bet365 bingo which has surprising and well-profiting offers for you. On visiting the bet365 site, you will be guided to the various standard bingo games available on offer, such as 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo, which also include few other enticing things that might make you stay online.

Bet365 is globally known for bingo, as well as, casino and sports betting.  The homepage is so rich in the variety of bingo and slots that you can choose from.  In order to keep in track of the latest offers and deals, check out their dedicated promotions page.

Or, What about Vegas?

Bet365 is the world’s largest online gambling website with over 4 million customers from nearly 200 countries worldwide. They have been offering timely updates on their best and biggest-winning online games with a new feature of introducing Bet365 Vegas. The Net Entertainment-assisted Bet365 Vegas has clubbed the premium casino games, as well as, a selection of arcade titles.

They have brought together the best of both casino and games sites into a truly entertaining new website that still keeps generating big jackpots to win. The site is known for its green and the yellow color scheme continues at the Bet365 Vegas gaming site which was launched in 2014. People have rated it as one of the most user-friendly sites, and the simplest registration process ever found.

Want to Play Online Games?

Bet365 offers a lot of online game for you to play and win. Here is the short list of available game.

  • Premium Slots
  • Bonus Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Table Games
  • Arcade
  • Jackpots
  • Instant Wins
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