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Bet365 Volleyball Live Stream Schedule

Bet365 Streaming Schedule List

DateTimeeventMatch DetailsWatch
2023-12-0304:30Indonesia Division UtamaPDAM Titra Bhagasasi vs Pasundan
2023-12-0305:00Korea KOVOAnsan OK Financial Group vs Woori Card Woori WON
2023-12-0307:00Korea KOVO WomenGS Caltex Seoul Women vs Hyundai Women
2023-12-0307:30China CVLHenan vs Hebei
2023-12-0307:30China CVLHubei vs Shandong
2023-12-0307:30China CVLLiaoning vs Beijing
2023-12-0307:30China CVLGuangdong vs Tianjin
2023-12-0307:30China CVLFujian vs Zhejiang
2023-12-0307:30China CVLShanghai vs Yunnan
2023-12-0311:30Turkey Efeler LeagueAkkus Bld vs Fenerbahce
2023-12-0315:00Turkey Efeler LeagueZiraat Bankasi vs Develi Bld
2023-12-0316:00Italy A1 WomenMonza Women vs Casalmaggiore Women
2023-12-0316:00Italy A1 WomenChieri Women vs Busto Arsizio Women
2023-12-0316:00Italy A1 WomenBergamo Women vs Trentino Women
2023-12-0316:00Italy A1 WomenVallefoglia Women vs Firenze Women
2023-12-0316:00Italy A1 WomenRoma Women vs Cuneo Women
2023-12-0317:00Italy SuperlegaCivitanova vs Trentino
2023-12-0317:00Italy SuperlegaPadova vs Catania
2023-12-0318:30Italy A1 WomenNovara Women vs Conegliano Women
2023-12-0319:30Italy SuperlegaPiacenza vs Verona
2023-12-0410:00Turkey Efeler LeagueBursa B.sehir Belediyesi vs Hatay B.Sehir Bld
2023-12-0413:00Turkey Efeler LeagueGalatasaray vs Bigadic Bld
2023-12-0419:00Italy SuperlegaMonza vs Milano
2023-12-0421:30Brazil SuperLigaSuzano Volei vs Araguari Volei
2023-12-0500:00Brazil SuperLiga WomenSesc RJ Flamengo Women vs Amavolei Maringa Women
2023-12-0506:00Philippines PVL WomenQuezon City Gerflor Defenders Women vs Cignal HD Spikers Women
2023-12-0507:00China CVL WomenShanghai Women vs Shenzhen Women
2023-12-0508:00Philippines PVL WomenGaleries Tower Highrisers Women vs Creamline Women
2023-12-0510:00Korea KOVOHyundai Skywalkers vs Samsung Bluefangs
2023-12-0510:00Philippines PVL WomenPLDT Women vs PetroGazz Angels Women
2023-12-0511:30China CVL WomenBeijing Women vs Sichuan Women
2023-12-0511:30China CVL WomenHebei Women vs Shandong Women
2023-12-0511:30China CVL WomenTianjin Women vs Fujian Women
2023-12-0511:30China CVL WomenJiangxi Women vs Zhejiang Women
2023-12-0511:30China CVL WomenLiaoning Women vs Guangdong Women
2023-12-0511:30China CVL WomenJiangsu Women vs Yunnan Women
2023-12-0521:30Brazil SuperLigaJoinville Volei vs Guarulhos
2023-12-0600:00Brazil SuperLigaFarma Conde Volei vs Volei Renata
2023-12-0610:00Korea KOVOKB Stars vs Ansan OK Financial Group
2023-12-0614:30Turkey Efeler LeagueZiraat Bankasi vs Alanya Bld
2023-12-0621:30Brazil SuperLigaApan vs Sesi-Bauru
2023-12-0700:00Brazil SuperLigaAzulim Gabarito/Monte Carmelo vs Montes Claros
2023-12-0711:30China CVLBeijing vs Hebei
2023-12-0711:30China CVLLiaoning vs Jiangsu
2023-12-0711:30China CVLHubei vs Henan
2023-12-0711:30China CVLTianjin vs Shanghai
2023-12-0711:30China CVLFujian vs Guangdong
2023-12-0721:30Brazil SuperLiga WomenPraia Clube Women vs Pinheiros Women
2023-12-0721:30Brazil SuperLiga WomenSao Caetano Women vs Sesc RJ Flamengo Women
2023-12-0800:00Brazil SuperLiga WomenMinas Women vs SESI Volei Bauru Women
2023-12-0900:00Brazil SuperLiga WomenOsasco Women vs Fluminense Women

Volleyball is a team sport which was found by William G Morgan in 1895. It was known by the name Mintonette. Though it was found in 1895, the first game was played in 1896 at the International YMCA training school. The rules of the game kept evolving and the first World Championship was conducted in 1949 for men and 1950 for women. In 1947, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball was found which governs the volleyball tournaments. The sport is mostly played in countries like Eastern Europe, Russia, Brazil, China and the United States.

Since 1964, volleyball has been part of the Summer Olympics program for both women and men. Players from various countries participate to win the gold medal. The International Volleyball Hall of Fame got its name in 2014 by the Board of Directors which honors the coaches and efficient players of the game.


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