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Types of Betting in Basketball


Basketball is a fast-paced, enthralling sport. A team of five players pass and dribble the ball towards the hoop to score points. If a player scores a basket then two points are awarded to the team. A basket scored from the three-point arc, is worth three points. A free throw demands one point which is given based upon the player’s fouls during the first half.

Types Of Betting In Basketball

Basketball betting can be mainly categorized into three types namely

  • Money line betting
  • Handicap Betting
  • Total (Over/Under) betting

Money line betting

Money line betting is one of the most preferred betting’s in basketball. The odds are fixed and the bettor can choose his side. The initial wager can be of any range as per his convenience. Consider the following teams:

Indiana Pacers (1.355)
Sacramento Kings (3.540)

If the bettor favors the Indiana Pacers with an initial wager of $10 and if the Pacers win the match, then the profit amount is calculated as follows:

1.355 * 10 = 13.55 (contains the initial wager)
13.55 – 10 = 3.55

Therefore a profit of $3.55 is earned by the bettor. In case if the Sacramento Kings win, then the bettor loses the best with a loss of $10.

Handicap betting

In this type of betting, the chances of winning (i.e.) the odds are fixed by the bookmaker along with the handicap points. The handicap points are represented with a [+] and a [-] sign in front of a fixed value. Bets are made based upon the total number of goals that will be scored by a team. Consider two teams say:

Atlanta Hawks (+5.5) 2.005
Orlando Magic (-5.5) 1.899

If the scoreboard displays a win of Orlando Magic with 72-74, the supporters of Orlando Magic will still lose because the point 5.5 will be deducted from the final score giving a total of 68.5. A bettor supporting the Atlanta Hawks would have still won since the point 5.5 will be added to the final score.

Total (Over/Under) betting

As the name suggests, the total baskets of the two teams are put together and a number is predicted by the bookmaker to be the complete score. The bettor has to bet with a minimum wage say $10 and has to pick either an over or an under range. Assume the total odds of Utah Jazz vs. Washington Wizards is predicted to be:

Over 200 (1.777)
Under 200 (2.132)

If the score is 108-95, it gives an aggregate sum of 213. The bettor who had backed the final score as Over 200 will get a profit of $7.77.

Upgraded Betting Types in Basketball

Having known the basic betting types in basketball, let’s see some more betting types that are currently in use. They are

  • Multiples
  • Teasers
  • Half and quarter
  • Proposition
  • Futures


Multiple betting includes more than one prediction by a bettor. A bettor may choose two or more teams and fix odds. Increase in odds results with respect to the increase in the selection of the number of teams. The only criterion for the bettor to win is that all the chosen predictions should be accurate. The multiple betting balances the pros and cons. If it is a win, you will get a fair amount but, if it is not your day then you might lose a huge amount.


In this type of betting, each teaser is fixed with an odd. A bettor has the rights to alter and adjust the point handicap. It is similar to multiple betting. Predicting the selected team’s outcome should be exact in order to win. The final score can be modified by adding points to the favor or by deducting points from the underdog as per the bettor’s choice.

Half & Quarter

This type of betting gives the bettor an advantage. Basketball is a sport, which is played for a total of 48 minutes. It can be divided into two halves or four quarters. A bettor can bet on any one of the quarters or halves rather than on a full 48minutes match. It is more like on-the-spot betting. The team that starts-off with maximum goals need not necessarily be the winner. Hence a bettor can fix bets even before 15 minutes of the completion of the match


In a proposition betting, betting is done between a bettor and only one bookmaker. Betting is done on an individual’s performance and the number of goals that he might score. For example:

Will Kevin Wayne Durant top the scoreboard with a minimum of 55 points in any game this season?

Yes (3.539)
No (2.136)


Future gives the bettors an opportunity to predict the winning team of the league. They are allowed to bet as to which team will be winning the championship. Betting can be done before the commencement of playoffs. The odds will remain the same as fixed before the beginning of the match though there might be possibilities of increasing the odds in favor.

Choose the Best

In order to get more opportunities and high-yielding, it is important to choose the best and appropriate betting. Using these upgraded betting types, you can choose the most profitable betting.

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