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2023 NBA playoff bracket updates: Standings, postseason odds

NBA Playoffs 2023

The NBA Playoffs of 2023 are approaching, and the regular season will conclude on April 9, 2023. This brings more excitement to the NBA fans, who all waiting to see their stars playing.

Following a two-day break, the Play-in tournament will commence, and the First-round playoff matchups will begin on April 15. As a result, fans will experience immense pressure as they watch their favourite teams compete to become the 2023 NBA Champions. Therefore, let us examine all the information and teams that are likely to make their playoff dreams a reality.



Current Standings

SeedEastern ConferenceSeedWestern Conference
1Milwaukee Bucks1Denver Nuggets
2Boston Celtics2Sacramento Kings
3Philadelphia 76ers3Memphis Grizzlies
4Cleveland Cavaliers4Phoenix Suns
5Brooklyn Nets5LA Clippers
6New York Knicks6Golden State Warriors
7Miami Heat7Minnesota Timberwolves
8Atlanta Hawks8OKC Thunder
9Toronto Raptors9Dallas Mavericks
10Washington Wizards10Los Angeles Lakers

What is NBA Play-In Tournament?

  • During the Play-In Tournament, teams ranked #7 and #8 in each conference will get two chances to win one game and secure a spot in the playoffs. Conversely, teams ranked #9 and #10 in each conference will need to win two games in a row to qualify for the playoffs.
  • The team ranked #7 in each conference will play against the team ranked #8, with the victorious team being awarded the #7 seed. The losing team will face off against the winner of the #9 vs #10 game. The winner of that game will then earn the #8 seed and qualify for the playoffs.

NBA Weekly Odds

On the Bubble

  • Eastern Conference: Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic.
  • Western Conference: Utah Jazz, New Orleans Pelicans and Portland Trail Blazers.

These are the teams of the respective Conferences who all are “On the Bubble”, and they are uncertain and unpredictable of the situation that can either clinch a playoff spot or be eliminated depending on the results of their remaining games or the games of other teams in the league.

Facing elimination from playoff contention

  • Eastern Conference: Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons.
  • Western Conference: San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets.

With the regular season coming to a close and the playoff race heating up, these teams will need to win their remaining games and hope for favourable results from other teams if they hope to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Important Dates for the 2023 NBA:

April 9NBA regular season ends
April 11-14NBA Play-In Tournament 2023
April 15NBA Playoffs 2023 starts
May 1-2NBA Conference Semifinals starts (Possibility of moving up to April 29-30)
May 16-17NBA Conference Finals starts (Possibility of moving up to May 14-15)
June 1NBA Finals 2023 Game 1
June 4NBA Finals 2023 Game 2
June 7NBA Finals 2023 Game 3
June 9NBA Finals 2023 Game 4
June 12NBA Finals 2023 Game 5 (if required)
June 15NBA Finals 2023 Game 6 (if required)
June 18NBA Finals 2023 Game 7 (if required)

With the playoffs just around the corner, the 2023 NBA season promises to be full of excitement and surprises. With the current standings, and key dates in mind, let’s keep a close eye on the “On the Bubble” teams and those facing elimination from playoff contention. Stay tuned for the thrilling games ahead!


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